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We have some exclusive news about the new Bonus Chapter straight from Stephenie Meyer’s publicist! First of all, in addition to the extra chapter, the paperback edition will also include a special Reading Group Guide, “an interview with Stephenie Meyer, discussion topics and questions, and the author’s annotated playlist.”

Now, for juicy tibits about the chapter!
“The bonus chapter is something Stephenie wrote when she was working with the film producers – it was a scene that Stephenie always had in her head, but it couldn’t appear in the book because her narrator was unconscious at the time. The “omitted” chapter would, chronology-wise, fall in between Chapter 58 and 59 of The Host.”

To remind those of you who may be scrambling for your copy of The Host right about now, Chapter 58 the chapter when Wanderer gives up Melanie’s body, and Chapter 59 is the one in which she’s brought back as Pet. (Stephenie’s going to fill in the dreaded white pages!)



The paperback release will have a Reading Group Guide that includes the following:
New, never-before-published "bonus chapter"
An interview with Stephenie
Discussion topics and questions
Stephenie's annotated playlist

It will be released on April 13, 2010.


вы бы лучше сказали, когда вторая книга будет, и будет ли вообще.
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Я — часть той силы, что вечно хочет зла и вечно совершает благо. “Фауст” И. Гете.
Конечно экстра глава хоршо, но соглашусь с автором... Вторая книга (которую лично я жду не дождусь) и дата ее релиза намного важнее. Хотя, думаю, скоро Стефани порадует нас The Soul :attr: :bunny2:

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Midnight Vampire
вообще, на Википедии до сих пор стоит дата выпуска 2009 год. (: мы, наверное, случайно упустили выпуск книги.


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